The Location

Driffield Terrace lies about 1km south-west of York city centre on the north-west side of The Mount, part of the main road into York from the south. It lies on the high ground formed by the York Moraine, a ridge of material left behind at the end of the last glaciation about 12,000 years ago. This ridge provides a means of crossing the low-lying Vale of York from east to west, and has been an important routeway since Roman times, if not earlier. The modern main road line represented by Tadcaster Road, The Mount and Blossom Street broadly follows the line of the Roman road.

Aerial view of Driffield Terrace

Aerial view of Driffield Terrace


The Excavations


The Results

Scientific work that has been carried out by experts since the investigations includes genomic analysis, stable isotope work, dental calculus analysis and osteological recording. These results can be accessed here along with findings and a report that explores the small finds from the site. Research of the discoveries is ongoing and the results will be published here as they happen.

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